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Tourniquet man
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Autore:  Lampard [ lun nov 19, 2007 4:04 pm ]
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Tourniquet man


In the book Endangered Species, Faith Harrington says that his leg has been amputated. This is not seen in the show.
The "Tourniquet Man" is also seen being carried away by Locke and another survivor in "Exposé" during one of Nikki's flashbacks set concurrently with the events of "Pilot, Part 1". Although only seen briefly, his appearance there causes a minor error since he's merely unshaven in the recycled footage from "Pilot, Part 1", but sports an actual beard in the newly filmed footage from "Exposé" promotional still at (Lost-Media).
Dale Radomski, who first portrayed Tourniquet Man, appears in Season 3 as part of the Others background cast, as a guard at the quarry who confronts Sawyer in his escape attempt. ("The Glass Ballerina") It is most likely that Radomski is intended to portray two different individuals, and was cast in both roles by virtue of his stunt abilities.
In some takes or rehearsals during the filming of "Exposé", Tourniquet Man's place was taken by another background extra Kamakani De Dely. This is known because De Dely appears in a promotional still from ABC, but does not appear in the actual episode (see gallery below). In this photo, De Dely is shown being carried by Locke and background actor Wayne Geiger. (Note that Geiger was also present in part of the original scene from 1x01 "Pilot, Part 1", see gallery below). De Dely appears to have been cast for this background role but the end result is that all such alternate footage was cut, and the exact footage from "Pilot, Part 1" was re-used in the actual final cut broadcast of "Exposé". Therefore Dale Radomski reprised his role as Tourniquet Man in "Exposé", being held by Locke and stunt actor Fuzzy Moody.

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Autore:  visitor [ lun nov 19, 2007 4:08 pm ]
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Lampard ...
ma questo è il primo disgraziato soccorso dopo la caduta dell'aereo ?!
Quello con la gamba tranciata ?! :stamp:

Se hai deciso di inserire anche tutte le comparse
credo che il forum non basterà ...

Autore:  Lampard [ lun nov 19, 2007 4:10 pm ]
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ok smetto

questo era l'ultimo

Autore:  visitor [ lun nov 19, 2007 4:14 pm ]
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No ... ma figurati,
per me puoi farlo,
solo che non vedo argomenti di discussione
legati a comparse che hanno vita scenica così breve : :bye1:

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